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Gold Rate as on 28 Sep 2023        KL : RM 281/gm        Penang : RM 281/gm
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Gold Saving / Investment Schemes

Freeze the gold rate today and purchase later / Save with us with our instalment scheme
Brand: SMS DEEN JEWELLERS Model: 1gram
916 GOLD SAVINGS ACCOUNTThe savings account work by fixing gold rate as per the payment day, and saves up the 916 gold in terms of weight (in grams). ..
Cash Instalment - Scheme (INS) - [MINIMUM RM 100]
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Model: Scheme-IN
INSTALMENT SAVINGS ACCOUNTIt works just like a cash savings account, where you can start paying any amount at anytime (min. RM 100 per transaction) in..

Our Services

Personalised Engraving

Enhance your jewelleries with our engraving services to capture the moments and feelings within.

Corporate Gifts

Compliment your hardworking employees with the rich tradition of the kings, giving them the ultimate gold coin gifts with your own brand stamped or engraved.

Jewellery Resizing

Sometimes jewelleries need tender care and resizing work to fit into your finger. SMS DEEN provides such services upon request, available for all type of jewelleries such as rings & bracelets.

Complimentary Professional Cleaning Services

Make your masterpiece jewellery born new with our free lifetime jewellery cleaning service.

Customised & Personalized Jewellery

Fine jewellery can become even more special by adding little elements of surprise. So why not customise any type of design, and personallise them further for your Special One.

Repair Work

Each year, SMS DEEN Jewellers breathe a new life into old & worn out jewelleries, thus reviving them back to you in a newborn condition. Amplify the memories built into your old jewelleries now by getting them repaired serviced at our showroom.