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Gold Rate as on 26 May 2024        KL : RM 349/gm        Penang : RM 349/gm        Johor : RM 349/gm

Fix 916 Gold Rate - Scheme (GSP)

Fix 916 Gold Rate - Scheme (GSP)
Fix 916 Gold Rate - Scheme (GSP)
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When you open a 916 Gold Savings Account, you essentially start a personalized gold reserve for yourself or your loved ones. For instance, today you decide to secure 3 grams of gold at the current rate. A few months later, you add another 5 more grams to your reserve when the rate might be different.


Now, fast forward to a special occasion. You visit the showroom and spot a beautiful 916 gold bangle weighing around 6 grams. Since you've been diligently been saving gold in your personalised 916 Gold Savings Account, you can now claim this bangle using the 8 grams accumulated in your gold savings account. Importantly, you'll only need to pay for the workmanship for the bangle's design.


This way, the 916 Gold Savings Account becomes a strategic and flexible method to build up your gold reserve at various rates over time, ensuring you can indulge in your favorite jewelry without being concerned about the overly fluctuating gold prices.